Computer modeling system for foundry processes

Professional tool for creating and optimizing foundry technology


Working with geometry of any complexity

Calculations for any foundry technology

Suitable for large castings

Prediction of defect formation

Suitable for all alloys

Professional solution for modeling foundry processes

The PolygonSoft computer modeling system for foundry processes (SCM LP) is a professional tool for the foundry technologist, designed to predict and analyze the causes of defects at the design stage of the casting mold and gating-feeding system. "PolygonSoft" is a virtual foundry where you can develop, analyze and debug the main stages of foundry technology in a short time and without additional costs. By doing all the work on a computer before tooling begins, the technologist receives more information about the process than he could get in a foundry.

Overview of new features and functions of PoligonSoft 2022

Release of SCM LP "PolygonSoft" 2022

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